Jessica Alba is a gorgeous woman. Unlike most other actresses that eventually get naked, she’s never taken her clothes off for the camera. That means Alba nudes are really few and rare. You’re lucky we have them here.

First off, let’s get nostagic and check out her Into the Blue scenes. The ones where she dives around in the ocean showing off her toned butt. This was probably Jessica Alba’s peak in terms of hotness. But she hasn’t got downhill (much) yet. There’s still hope that she’ll eventually get all naked for a movie, woohoo! Jessica-Alba-nip-slips-on-the-planet-1 Jessica-Alba-nip-slips-on-the-planet-2 Jessica-Alba-nip-slips-on-the-planet-3 Jessica-Alba-nip-slips-on-the-planet-4 Jessica-Alba-nip-slips-on-the-planet-5