Singaporean FHM cover model turn blogger Yan Kay Kay found out this week that there was a rather revealing candid photo of her privates in the possession of a photographer. And she also found out the photographer shared said photo with others. Kay Kay as she is known was also the winner of Channel 5 reality show S Factor in 2009 and was the co-host of popular online comedy web series. There is a saying for her, “Kay Kay so nice they named her twice.” Anyway, the photo was taken over 5 years ago when Kay Kay was about 25 year-old at a photo shoot that was featured in the now defunct Playeur magazine. The photo shows her private lady parts as the result of a wardrobe malfunction. Freescandals was aware of the existence of the accidental exposure photo for some time now but could not confirm it was real until Kay Kay took to her blog to address the issue and explain what happened. She said she has never posed nude or semi-nude, for any sort of publication or personal photographer’s collection. But did confirm a photographer released an accidental exposure (zao geng) picture of her.

In the photo shoot, her purple lingerie bottom was displaced and she did not know her private part was expose as the photographer snap a photo of the area. Kay Kay said that she has never taken part in any nude photo shoots so she was shocked at the existence of the picture showing her vagina. The photographer apparently noticed the wardrobe malfunction and cunningly position his camera to take a shot of her pussy. Kay Kay is said to be shaken to find that obscene photos of her existed. And she want it to be known that “I feel that I am the victim because I didn’t pose for the photos and I didn’t know that the photographer took those pictures of me.” She question the integrity and professionalism of the photographer for taking the picture without her permission or knowledge. She is now seeking legal action to remove the obscene pictures from any websites. Get updates on her Twitter @YanKayKay and follow. PS: Girl can I lick it before I stick it? Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Here are some other pictures of KayKay aside from the photoshoot scandal: