How about some gangbang photos from Singapore starring a local girl with the juiciest pussy? Don’t know her name so we are going to call her “Little Miss Juicy Pussy” here. Not sure but I think this set is related to a post on a popular Singaporean forum. The poster on the forum is listed as Jollyboy which is the name attributed to the set by the leakier of the set on other website. The photos were taken about a year before this particular post was made but it seems the same individuals are behind the gangbang and the post advertising an orgy, which is really a gangbang too. For the record, one female and multiple males taking turns fucking her is not an orgy… That is a gangbang my friend. LOL! Apparently these gangbangs take place at hotels and guys have to pay $150 to take part in the activities with Little Miss Juicy Pussy. Here take a look at the posting made by Jollyboy on the forum:

Arranging orgy with 19yo local girl
hi bros, im arranging a orgy session to help my girl, she is a local poly student.

age: 19yo (she looks like 16 though, good for some)
looks: 6-6.5/10 (slightly abv average)
stats: A, 160cm, 42kg (slim)
damage: $150 PER bro including hotel, cd

session to arrange on next mon if possible
interested bros please pm me

Strictly NO 1 to 1.. Please look into the FL section, thanks.

For bros who have been around, yes is the same girl. I forget to state that..

no condom
BJ with condom

FJ in all position
MUST have condom

And she restricts Indian, Malay and Chinese is OK.. Sorry to Indian bro.

Yup, that is an ad for a paid gangbang with rules stating who are restricted no less… Must suck being Indian in Singapore… Anyway, the photos below are not from the session mention in the post listed above but rather from a similar arrangement from about an year earlier. So the girl was 18 year-old when she participated in the gangbang pictured below with at least four strangers. Plus her boyfriend who arrange the event and who is probably manning the camera and most likely taking turns fucking her too. So that is five “bros” gangbnging this little local Singaporean poly student in a hotel room. That is right, nothing but good clean fun here… By the way, this is not important but you might want to know based on the dates the girl Little Miss Juicy Pussy is about 21 year-old now. Enjoy! Click on  pictures to enlarge.