Miss Singapore Universe is on its way to crown the new beauty bound for Miss Universe 2010. After raising their title hopes a bit last year for Miss Universe with Rachel Kum, Singaporeans are again going to be hopeful. The ladies below are considered Singapore’s fairest girls… Some might ask were the judges gay? Others might say the judges must have all been blind or drunk out of their minds. But don’t worry because it is not all disappointments. We have several cuties in the lot. Sure if Singapore would open its pageant up to include the PRC prostitutes with student visas that relief the stress of the island the Miss Universe title would be a better possibility.

So who will be the next Miss Singapore Universe 2010? The current front-runner for Miss Singapore Universe is the confident and beautiful Annabel Tan which many beauty queen critics believe will take the title. Missosology.org concurs that Annabel will be the eventual winner especially since she pointed out how hosting the Youth Olympics can raise the profile of her island nation. However, Kuek Zi Yi and Raine Ng are Freescandals.com top two picks based on the one picture seen of each. And as for the ladies at the bottom of this ranking, keep in mind that only one picture was seen of each. So it may not be fair to them but the girls at the top had one chance too.

Below are the 16 finalists, aged 20 – 25, vying for the crown at the Shangri-La Singapore during a pageant dinner on 28 May ranked from our favorite to least favorite. According to Divaasia, the pageant winner can look forward to representing Singapore in the 2010 Miss Universe Pageant that will be held live from Las Vegas, Nevada on Monday, 23 August 2010. And Singapore best chances are with Kuek Zi Yi or Raine Ng. See the Freescandals.com ranking for top contestants from number one to the 16th below and add a comment stating your pick. Please keep in mind that not much consideration was giving to the bottom of the list and all the focus was at the top. View this really cool 3D website about Miss Singapore Universe by Clicking here! Click on pictures to enlarge.

RANK # 01 – Kuek Zi Yi, 20 years old, Height: 170cm, Measurements: 33-24-33 Occupation: In-line Skating Instructor. My penis say she is the hottest so who am I to disagree?


RANK # 02 - Raine Ng, 23 years old, Height:173cm, Measurements: 35-27-36, Occupation: Executive. This chick would have got the number one spot in my opinion if she had a 26″ waist or less instead of a 27″ but she is still hot.
RANK # 03 - Annabel Tan, 25 years old, Height:169cm, Measurements: 32-24-33, Occupation: Teacher. This is the favorite of many so she should do well. She is totally worth a fuck but I rather the two ladies above her.

RANK # 04 - Tania Lim, 22 years old, Height: 175cm, Measurements: 34-26-35, Occupation: Accounts Executive. She is the tallest so she is ranked high. This picture is either a really good shot of her or a really bad one hurting my ranking of her.

RANK # 05 - Sherlyn Tan, 20 years old, Height: 172cm, Measurements: 32-24-34, Occupation: Undergraduate. I am thinking this shot got her face at a bad angle and she is better looking than we see here.

RANK # 06 - Alicia Tay, 26 years old, Height:169cm, Measurements: 34-25-34, Occupation: Business Analyst. Nothing to say here. Just did not have a better place to put her on the list.

RANK # 07 - Francesca Poh, 22 years old, Height:170cm, Measurements: 38-25-36, Occupation: Undergraduate. She did pretty good in this ranking because I am thinking her tits are huge. And based on her height and measurements she is the one I would want to see naked if I cannot touch.

RANK # 08 - Jasmine Yap, 24 years old, Height: 165cm, Measurements: 34-25-36 Occupation: Accounts Executive. She has an okay face but probably too short.

RANK # 09 - Krystalyn Png, 24 years old, Height: 166cm, Measurements: 35-25-35, Occupation: Trader. I think she is rank too high here but I am too lazy to change it. The smile is not happening.

RANK # 10 - Dominique Pang, 24 years-old, Height:168cm, Measurements: 32-25-33, Occupation: Post-graduate Student. She should have been placed higher on this list but this shot of her was not taken at a good angle.

RANK # 11 - Jacelyn Lin, 25 years old, Height:166cm, Measurements: 34-27-37, Occupation: Fitness Trainer. Wow, talk about a picture taken at a bad angle. Look at her left eye (right side of your screen).

RANK # 12 - Celestine Seet, 24 years old, Height: 167cm, Measurements: 35.26.36, Occupation: Teacher. This chick kinda resemble the Singapore gymnast who got her nude pictures leaked a few years ago but a bit better looking than her.

RANK # 13 - Jill Chew, 21 years old, Height: 170cm, Measurements: 32-25-32 Occupation: Real Estate PA. No comment!

RANK # 14 - Grace Hu, 21 years old, Height:165cm, : 32-24-32, Occupation: Undergraduate. No comment!

RANK # 15 - Hazwani Ahmad, 25 years old, Height: 170cm, Measurements: 32-24-33, Occupation: Teacher.No comment!

RANK # 16 - Lee Sing Ying, 25 years old, Height:165cm, Vital Stats: 33-26-35, Occupation: Auditor. They say if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything so no comment!