Looking for a leaked nude picture scandal from the most populous Muslim country? Well, Indonesian model Clara Adheline Supit wasn’t a famous celebrity until a few days ago when her nude pictures started to be leak on Facebook. And then even more pictures were leaked supposedly of her performing oral sex in the back seat of a car. Also, other nude modeling pictures from 2006 of her under the name Yawan from an UK website was leaked. The email address: clara.supit@yahoo.com was also leaked believe belonging to Clara Adheline Supit or Clara Adelin Sartika Supit a.k.a. Dewi Sartika or Devi Sartika that may have been used to create an account on Facebook to spread her scandalous photos.

Clara Supit nude pictures have been Rapidshare and links are available for download on several sites because openly putting them or any nudity on a website is highly illegal in the country. The young 23 year-old model is also a student of a private university in Bogor. Clara Adelin Supit reportedly took nakedphotographed to help her friend at her college of BINUS in her dorm room. Head of Police Criminal Resort town of Bogor, Adjunct Commissioner of Police, Irwansyah, said his office will call a man name Albert who is a key witness in the case of nude photos spread of the student and model.

You guys ever heard of the story of the doctor who told a woman she needed medicine in her vagina but the only way he could apply it properly was by putting it on the tip of his penis and manually apply it with repeated motions? Yeah I know, why didn’t we thought of that line. Well, this scandal is a little like that one but in reverse plus with explicit pictures and it happened at an university. This scandal is so big now in Indonesia that the police are now looking into the matter. Bogor Police, Commissioner Irwansyah said, Clara Adheline Supit report to the Police on Saturday, the nude photographs were taken to help her best friend Misly Safarini also 23, citizen Citeureup Bogor. Misly needed help curing her then boyfriend from an illness.

Based on reports from Clara and several acquaintance, Irwansyah explain the chronology up to the photos containing nude and explicit images of Clara Adelin Supit being leaked and circulating in cyberspace mainly on the social network Facebook. According to information obtained, Clara Adelin Supit shot naked using a mobile phone in her dorm room at BINUS in Kebon Jeruk Jakarta area. In the investigation at Mapolresta Bogor, Clara had admitted receiving some money from the friend claiming she was paid after being photographed.

Clara was willing seduced by her friend in the photos because they were naive according to a mutual friend, Misly. To her and the victim, Misly say, her former boyfriend Joshua (26 year-old), told them that he had some witchcraft disease. According Misly, Joshua said he could only recover by seeing a pretty girl’s nude photos. According to her because of incessant persuasion, and not having the heart to see friends to beg, sweet Clara who is also a cheerleading captain was willing to pose naked. After photographed nude, she was given an unknown some money by Misly. But he had ordered that Misly not spreading pictures of herself to others. Commissioner Irwansyah explained the story and he told reporters the extend of what was photographed. ”Many Dewi Sartika’s nude photos. Most of it is facing forward. That’s why all of a forbidden part of woman body is exposed,” he asserted.

After successfully getting naked images of the part-time model, Joshua then save it in a laptop owned by Cristian. “When Joshua saw the photo, then stored on a laptop owned by Cristian witnesses. Well then, the picture is also seen Albert who is also a friend Cristian and Joshua,” said Irwansyah. Albert is believed to be the one behind the leaked to the Internet. Albert, who is believed spreading the hot photos of Dewi Sartika in the Clara Adheline Supit Facebook account, did not meet the police’s call. Bogor Police intend to recall Albert on Saturday, April 17, 2010.”Since Tuesday, April 13, 2010 he did not come, then we will call him again tomorrow (Saturday),” said Irwansyah. He said, calling on Albert, is a follow up of the examination of two other witnesses called, Joshua and Cristian. Based on Cristian’s information in front of the investigator, the first person who spread Clara Adeline Supit hot photos on Facebook is his friend Albert.

“Most likely, after review by a team of investigator, Albert will become a suspect. Because, description from several witnesses, especially Joshua and Christian lead to Albert,” he explained. Moreover, he said, after the interrogation toward Cristian, he mentioned that Albert has been uploading pictures to the Internet. “However, we are still awaiting information from Albert,” he said. Cristian and Joshua plans to deliver to the officer a laptop which containing Clara’s picture. “If we have received the laptop, Clara nude photos that have been erased will be retrieved again,” he asserted.

According Irwansyah, the spread of nudity, will be subject to article No. 11 of IT Act 2008 Article 27 paragraph 1 and 3 of a person knowingly disseminate obscene or defamatory, it will be threatened with 6 years in jail and/or a fine of Rp 1 billion. Anyway, we can safely assume Albert will not be showing up tomorrow. I am guessing he does not want to be arrested because you just know that is exactly what will happen if he shows his face. Click on pictures to enlarge.