Costume parties are my favorite, they give even the most seemingly innocent chick an excuse to dress as sluttyas she want. And to doing the things she would not do normally because she is “playing a role” and “acting the part” for a night. Just check out these chicks in their skankiest best skanking up a storm in Singapore. Damn, they cover all the bases with thier outfits too, I see the slutty maid, the slutty nurse, the slutty police officer, the slutty race queen and of course the slutty dominatrix hooker. And they seem to be playing the slutty roles behind their skanky outfits well. They are probably dull and boring normally but not this night. This is some real interesting cosplaying that is worth participation.

Just wish I could get a hold of these ladies to perform with their skanky outfits in a reverse gangbang starring me. Anyway, someone sent in these pictures of a few chicks purportedly all are Singaporean having some innocent fun at a cosparty enjoying a beer or two. The hot girl on girl dominatrix hooker getting a piggyback ride from the slutty nurse earn this set a post. Not to mention the whole making out thing… Thats hot. The hooker and the nurse stole the show, I bet these girls wouldn’t not be so awesome without the excuse of costumes. I hope I will be invited next year and the girls will get a bit more drunk! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Now this is interesting, send me an invite!