Tracy Ang Soo Hua also known as Sunshine Tracy is a freelance model in Singapore who made the most basic mistake for a woman in her Eastern Asian culture when she showed up at Super Import Nights 2009 and exposed some public hair. She didn’t wax her bikini line. People in Singapore seem to be more upset she wasn’t shaven more than her daring poses at the car show. Bloggers in Singapore have said “Sunshine Tracy decided to shine her pubic hairs all over the cars she happened to lie on” and “she needs a shave” and “too gross” to be seen while others are now calling her “Hairy Abalone.” And of course some are calling her “Miss Hairy Beaver” for obvious reasons. She could have done all her daring upskirt posing at SIN without the current backlash if she had only groom her crotch.

To get the pictures you took at SIN of Tracy posted on this blog, send them to [email protected] and share them with everyone. There were many scantily-clad girl at SIN but the lady who got and is still getting the most attention may not be the hottest among them. Sunshine Tracy was dressed in a very short dress, was making a variety of racy poses on the cars on display. As a crowd gathered and the cameras snapped away, she started to reveal more than other models at the show. Now, I have seen more racy attention whoring at import car shows in other parts of the world but this was pretty daring by Singaporean standards. And I think this would not have been such a big deal even in Singapore if she got a bikini waxing the day before. Asian folks more than most other people are very anti-pubic hair. LOL.. Not joke, it’s true. Go ask Edison Chen’s ladies if you don’t believe me. It’s like a crime against humanity to have a bush in the East.

Anyway, these pictures were going to be posted on Freescandals last week after people started sending them in at the end of September. But on the day they where going to be posted this sympathetic email was received from someone who must be close to Tracy. So it was put off for a day or two to see if it was going to go away and then Blogger partially disabled the blog so then it was put off for another week. Here is the email asking for the revealing pictures of Tracy not to be posted because of family issues:

From: J*************************
Subject: Hi Gutter
To: [email protected]
Date: Thursday, October 1, 2009

Writing in from Singapore,Please do not distribute Tracy’s SG Carshow photos when you receive it. Due to some publicity, she had been in a tiff with her family already.

refer to *******************************************
We all have brothers and sisters. So please let her off on this.

So, she was going to be let off easy on this one by Freescandals but then the story went nuclear in the Singapore press after she gave an interview and fans of the Freescandals are all dying to see the uncensored pictures now. Local Singaporean paper, Shin Min did an interview with Sunshine Tracy. In which she mentioned that she was not there for any modeling assignment but was waiting for her friend who was over an hour late. While waiting, she browsed the exhibition alone and was approached by photographer who requested her to strike a few poses in front of a car on exhibit. Next thing she knew she was in all the newspapers with her hairy crotch the center of discussion.

A lot of people read about scandals in their newspapers and expect to see the graphic details on this blog. And people want to see the uncensored photos of what Tracy’s ultra-short dress and black thong panties did not covered. The New Paper report:

When freelance model Tracy Ang, 33, noticed shutterbugs snapping away at the Super Import Nights car show at the Singapore Expo two weeks ago, she did what came most naturally – she posed for the cameras.

Never mind that her ultra-short dress made her reveal more than she intended – her black panties were in clear view, for all to see. Worse, her panties failed to protect her modesty completely.

Within hours, pictures of Ms Ang’s accidental exposure were all over several popular online forums…

I have been tracking this story and it seem to be being pushed by an unseen hand that will not be named here because he is an attention whore who would probably send an email pretending to be someone else. After re-looking at the email asking not to have the pictures posted, it seem to been disingenuous. It did not attach any of the pictures but it seem to be a way to alert the blog to the pictures in a backhanded way. Anyway, here are the pictures that have been submitted and collected thus far. About 15 of the most scandalous pics are missing at one of the sources and not to mention the thousands of others taken by all the photographers there but hopefully some of those photographers will be kind enough to send in some from their collection [email protected] to “spread the wealth.” Send in what you have before the end of the weekend so everything can be posted by Monday. Click on pictures to enlarge.

See more of Tracy Ang a.k.a. Sunshine Tracy at her modeling portfolio on Flickr: and here is her other info she posted in an ad for her modeling services online:
Smile ** Sunshine Tracy ~ Daring Freelance Model for Hire **

Aloha Everyone,Im Sunshine Tracy, Currently available as a Freelance Model. 
Have been Modelling for a few years, Experienced as a Photography Model (In Group or Individual) and Race Car Model.

I’m Always eager to Learn and very Cooperative in Every Photoshoot. Hopefully, You’ll Guide me Along too.

** My strong points: My cheerful character with No Attitude Problems. I’m Great with Poses (check my pics out..). I’m very Daring to do Photoshoot in Unique Places too.. (Been to Root Top of Abandoned Building etc..) **…1f01ca.jpg?v=0

Credit to Dino (Modelling Agency)…a874f0.jpg?v=0

Credit to Dino (Modelling Agency)

Height: 164cm (Slim figure & legs, make me look taller than actual Height)
Weight: 52kg
Stats : 34 24 34
Hair : Waist long straight hair (purple red dye)
Eyes : Dark Hazel Brown
Dress size: XS – S
Shoe size : 6 / 7…0cd5fb.jpg?v=0

Credit to Dino (Modelling Agency)

[ Pictures can be viewed here ]
Flickr Web Address:

Multiply Web Address:

Interested in Paid Assignments Ranging from Themes like casual, Glamour, Cosplay, Gothic, Fashion and Studio.

TFCD will be considered if themes are interesting, which will expand my portfolio. Please include your portfolio too.
***No Lingerie, Nude Themes will be Entertained (includes semi, implied, artistic…. ) ***

Kindly state the theme/location/date/time so that i can arrange to leave that timeslot free, and also kindly include your budget.
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** Sunshine Tracy **

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Tracy Ang Soo Hua better known as Sunshine Tracy (born on December 13, 1976 in Singapore) is a Singaporean freelance model who came to media attention after accidentally exposing too much of herself at the Super Import Nights at Expo. Sunshine Tracy revealed her crotch in upskirt pictures revealing her underwear and pubic hair.