Singaporean babe Exhibitionist Sun Tan a.k.a the Sextisfy blogger and her ”Two Minute Man” lover take us on a tour of the streets of Singapore, not really. She just fuck and gave her ”Two Minute Man” boyfriend a blowjob in the sex video available for download below on some street. This video ended with her getting a mouth full of cum. In the first stand up doggy style sex video we got to see her sweet little sexy ass. In the second video, we saw some carpark staircase public exhibitionist sex. And in the third sex tape we saw Sun Tan riding cock with her perky tits bouncing. Now we can watch the fourth sex video of a very public exhibitionist fucking and sucking on the streets of Singapore. We don’t know what she did with that mouth full of cum. I just hope the Formula 1 drivers don’t skid off the road because of a pool of cum. Watch out Lewis Hamilton!
Get the Sex Video download below the NEW screen shots.

I wonder is she is a swallower or a spitter? Did Sun Tan’s impotent ex-boyfriend betray her? Why is his face always conceal? Why so many sex videos? The sex videos just keep on coming, don’t missed the next vid. So many sex videos, what to do with so many sex videos of Sun Tan and her “Two Minute Man” lover. I am being to think that the male in these videos plan to expose her from the beginning. In the fourth video he hid his face again with sunglasses but he made sure to put her face directly in fron of the camera. And now, she is trying to pull at my heart strings now after starting off with threats. After reading her most recent email I am beginning to feel a bit sorry for her. I don’t know the identity of who sent the pictures and videos, only thing the gutter have on the tipster is an email address that with remain confidential. The videos were posted as is, adding a watermark was the only thing the did to the videos. Anyway, she is making me real sad now. Here is the fourth email she sent to the unpublished email address, its kinda sad but you can read her message for yourself:

> From: “sun tan” [email protected]<[email protected]>
> Subject: request to stop information hunt
> To: [email protected]*********.com
> Date: Saturday, September 20, 2008 8:32 AM

I’m very sorry you had to go through a confusing situation whereby you received both a tipoff and a request to remove post, all from the same email account. The person who tipped you off is not me.
Clearly someone out there is determined to bring total destruction to me and his/her aim has been achieved. I’m in complete devastation now. Emotionally and mentally really very traumatized. Everything is in ruins for me and my life is over. I am sure that person/ those people know about this and they are feeling extremely pleased now.
My reaction to seek the authorities for help is purely out of loss, not aiming to retaliate. None of this was anything that I wanted. I never meant for anything like this to happen. I agree that you are every bit indemnified as you have stated and basically, you are the only who can propagate or check the news.
Hence, it wasn’t my intention to aggravate you or the matter. I’m genuinely intent on beseeching you to have the post removed, rather to get to the root of the matter. I am equally as confused as you are regarding conflicting emails from this email account. I’m more so distraught as the moment you received the tipoff marked the beginning of the great collapse for me and my life is in shambles now. For all the anger, annoyance and confusion you are/have experienced, I apologize.
I sincerely hope you will stop the pursuit of anything related the issue of suntan. The last thread of my sanity depends on the matter being dropped.
Please, stop.

<[email protected]><[email protected]>——————————————————–

Here is the first email she sent HERE. And HERE is the second email she sent along with the first sex video. And then HERE is the third email she sent along with the second sex video. Below is the only entry to her blog entitled “Sun hopes” that could be found, at the time this entry was made the blog was named ascension to the next phase but under the same URL:

ascension to the next phase

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sun hopes…

well if there’s any exhibitionist couple out there or swingers out there? add us on msn…

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Posted by Sun Tan at 4:51 AM

<[email protected]><[email protected]>——————————————————–

The blog post above was originally posted under the URL:

The blog’s achieve was deleted when the blog was removed but you can still find the saved cached HERE on Yahoo search. You can find this cache page on Yahoo for yourself by searching for “,” her Sextisty exhibitionist blog’s URL. The same place she posted the police report a week ago and then removed it earlier this week.


——————————————————–I wonder if she is an athlete are something with a body like hers. She has a very toned body and a perky little ass like that of a gymnast. If the “ex-boyfriend” is an asshole, he almost certanly post the pictures online and by doing so allow someone st sent them in to the or he probably sent them in himself. The display of his lack of virility should make him ashame. He is now being called the “Two Minute Man” in the comment section. I hope all the attention will not be aimed at Sun Tan because the ex-boyfirend is almost certainly the one originally posting their sex pictures. The video download links are below after the pics and screen shots. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Screen Shots from the Fourth Sex Video below.

Public sex is the best!


Singaporean Exhibitionist Blogger Sun Tan’s Fourth Sex Video

File Size: 24.2 MB - Runtime: 2:33 minutes









Sun Tan is Singaporean “Girlfriend of the Year” or maybe of the decade.

“Sun Tan,” a Singaporean woman who enjoys posting nude photos and videos of herself on her blog. She and her boyfriend made many sex videos anf took many sex pictures for their blog “Sextisfy”. She is probably the first Singaporean exhibitionist blogger ever and she does everything on camera. Posing nude outside in open public aeras and ever for sex pictures with her boyfriend, she shares everything. “Sextisfy”, a blog belong to this exhibitionist couple, according to want is reported it was doing so well that they began to start charging its 10,000 weekly viewers a fee for exclusive content. Her exhibitionist blog is no longer available, a warning and the police report is now the only thing posted on the now defunct exhibitionism blog the last time I checked. Many Sun Tan’sfans and blog viewers are looking for her now.