I changed my mind and was not going to post this video but I know its killing some people. Let me first say this, I do not think this is in fact Nira Chan, I have my doubts although the similarities in appearance are stunning. But I will post the video for you all to see for yourselves. I know what the culture in Southeast Asia and I don’t want to hurt Nira. So let me say it again, I am 99.9% sure its not her. The girl in the video seem to be Korean but Nira Chan is often complemented on her “Korean-Celebrity Look” and people say she does not look Thai. This video was sent to [email protected] and I tend to post everything I received there eventually. And who doesn’t love a homemade sex video no matter who is in it.

Someone sent me the below email:

Found this video of someone that looks like the hot Thai/Singaporean blogger, Nira Chan. Although the couple is speaking Korean, Nira has been known to visit Korea for holidays. Sorry I don’t have the real video…

The part that says she visit Korea often is correct so she might be able to speak Korean, she might not. Below are some pictures from her most recent Korean vacation and below that are modeling shots and the screen shots from the sex video then the links to download the video. Her blog is nirachan.com. Click on pictures to enlarge.


Singaporean Model/Blogger Nira Chan Korean Vacation Sex Tape

File Size: 31.4 MB - Runtime: 9:03 minutes















Nira Chan (born October 17, 1986 in Bangkok, Thailand) is a Thai born Singaporean model and blogger. She is a Maxim cover girl and she was rank 8th in FHM 100 Hottest. Freescandals.com

Apparently, she’s from Thailand but currently resides in Singapore where she does most of her modeling work. Blessed with gorgeous Korean celebrity-like features (we’re pretty sure it’s au naturale), and a smoking hot petite body, she is a definite candidate for the hottest blogger on the net.

Name: Nira Chan a.k.a Nirarara
Age: 21
Measurements: 34B-24-30